How to get my Ex Back in seven steps

Hi boys and girls,

Before anything else I like you to answer these two questions:

Q1: Do you like to get your ex back even your ex dating with someone else?

Q2: Do you want to get your ex back even your ex says he/she hates you?

One thing I learn from my past experience

It does not matter how much worst situation you are having…

You can still win your ex and make him/her crawl back to you.

Yes, that’s right… you can still win your ex even he/she starts dating with someone else…OR stop picking up your phone…. OR already said he/she hates you…

I know because I already experienced worst situation in my relationship BUT thankfully all things sort out and we are planning for engagement next month.

It all starts with text messaging …

Text message?

Yes, the phone lying somewhere in the corner of the table or inside your pocket has the ability to pull your ex back

All you need to do is to send right text message at right time

Watch the below video to reveal how text message can bring your ex crawling back to you

get my ex back


7 Steps How I Get My Ex Back

Hello I am Johnson and I build this page to share my story for all those people that are searching for how to get my ex back. I hope my story will give you some lesson and you get your ex back.

how I get my ex backAre you missing the importance of the most important person in your life? Men and women are completely different but they need support every phrase of the life. We don’t realize the importance of our partner but once we lost him/her then we realize the importance of love in our life. Man life is incomplete without his perfect dream girl and woman life is incomplete without her dream boy. In beginning days of relationship, boy does best to make his girlfriend happy by giving romantic gift and in return girl starts dressing herself sexy to get sexy compliment from his boyfriend. When boy and girl fully devote them then relationship starts getting stronger but, after sometime relationship starts getting weak and love and attraction start disappearing from the relationship. This happens because the attraction the relationship had in beginning days it starts getting vanish and after sometime one of the partner decided to break the relationship.

Ok now, I am going to tell you steps that I follow for how to get my ex back in detail.

First Step: Accept Your Mistake:

how-to-get-my-ex-boyfriendTo get my ex back first I pick up pen and paper and write down all those mistakes I did in my relationship. Writing down mistakes help me to realize my biggest mistake and it help me to remove it. In beginning of my relationship, I always gift chocolates, flower, rose etc once a week but after sometime I start forgetting. This mistake sound to be very little but it is my biggest mistake which break the relationship. If you want to get your ex back then I suggest you to get pen and paper and write down all those activities you do with your ex in beginning days of your relationship and at the end of the relationship. By doing this you will notice your mistakes. Be strong to admit them and be brave to say sorry for your past mistakes. You need to say sorry for your past mistakes then your ex follow you back.

After saying sorry to your ex, prepare for his/her decision. Prepare yourself what to say when you get positive response and also prepare yourself if your get negative response from your ex. If you get positive response from your ex that means your ex wants to get back but it is happen sometime when sorry is not enough. Like it my case my ex forgives me for all my past mistakes but she was not ready to get back. I already prepared for it that is why I quietly listen to her and accept her decision. Always remember, when you are asking apology from your ex it is possible your ex starts shouting on you. At this time don’t start arguing with your ex, quietly accepts the decision of your ex and give some space and room to your ex.

Second Step: Give Some Space and Time:

get ex backIf you ex wants some time like my ex then allow some space to your ex because your ex is suffering from mixed emotions. Your ex needs some time to recover from this mixed emotions and your ex needs some time to grow. Allowing some time help you also to recover from past sad memories and feel the importance of your ex. Similarly your ex going to miss you in these days which increases your value and importance. Many people think breakup is the end of the relationship because they don’t know if breakups are used wisely it can strengthen relationship even more. Think once when you both get back after some time you both have more love for each other.

Third Step: Don’t Lose Hope:

This time is very crucial because your ex monitoring you one mistake can destroy your relationship forever. If you lose hope and start dating with someone else then your ex will decide to move on and in return your ex also start dating with someone else. It is possible in this situation your ex starts spending more time with her close friends and may be your ex starts dating with someone else. I remember when I found my ex dating with someone else it totally destroy my hope but in the end I found the boy that is dating with my ex is actually in her ‘Friend-Only’ list. If it happens with you also my suggestion for you is don’t lose hope and keep on working yourself.

Fourth Step: Live your Life:

In this step you need to think in past before meeting with your ex and try to remember is there is any hobby that you like to do. I always like to do horse riding and when I get chance I find jockey and he trained me how to rid horse. If you are also having such hobby then try to do it now because this is the best time. If you having some friends who are having same hobby as you’ve then plan for some time and complete it.

Fifth Step: Adopt Healthy Lifestyle:

man woman hands holding broken heart

Remember good food and exercise not only keeps your body fit but it also helps you in thinking positive. I often observed when boys break with their girl they either start drinking a lot or they start eating like crazy. Your life is important to many others including your ex. That is why I suggest you to eat good healthy good and adopt healthy lifestyle.

Sixth Step: Become Attractive:

Good food and exercise is enough for healthy lifestyle but it is clearly not enough for getting your ex back. When I left my ex I having little fat deposit in my stomach region that is why I decided to join GYM and burn unwanted fat from my body. If you feel you are unattractive then try to point out why you feel something like that. Are you having old hairstyle or having extra fat in your body there is always a solution available for your problem.

Seventh Step: Reconnect with your ex:

After doing all steps mentioned above you start getting signals from your ex. Either your ex starts sending you text or your ex starts visiting more on your social profile to know what you are doing. Once you find your ex starts visiting your social profile or you starts noticing your ex more often at the place you visit it is the clear signal that your ex wants to talk with you. If you do all above steps properly you will get some sort of signal from your ex.

If you are wondering how to get my ex back these are seven steps you need to follow properly. I hope it gives you some pointers from where to start and by following it you become very close to get your ex back.